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Party starts at Monday ,February 22 at 3 pm
Part hosted by Karan Chavan
Venue : Dream Beach ,Vagator.

(Right next to WhiteRock Shack in Big Vagator)

Boom !!! Boom !!! Boom !!!

Lets celebrate this unique gathering of tribes in this current Goa season 2016 it’s KARACUS MARAKUS second edition, experience the therapy of psychedelia through the sounds of great artist . Thanks to Pralayah records and Karan Chavan  for organizing such a power packed lineup and we are sure no psychonauts will miss this opportunity to transcend our minds in the origins of mystic Goa with music at its purest form made by masters themselfs under the full moon. What is more in there to offer !!! Pack the bags !!! Get down to Goa !!! Enjoy the sun !!! Blast it out !!! Good vibes !!!

Tickets available at :
 +91 9820323707
971 567299315 (UAE)

1st Phase :
22nd Jan to 30th Jan @ Rs 700 (Limited)

2nd Phase :
31st Jan to 4th Feb @ Rs 800

3rd Phase :
4th Feb to 21st Feb @ Rs 1000

At the gate –
Rs 1200 before 6pm
Rs 1500 6pm to 12am
Rs 2000 12am and beyond


Artist line up

ORESTIS  (Sonicloom Records  ,Greece)

////Exclusive 2hrs live act for the season////




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PETRAN  (Parvati Records/Sonic Loom Music/Vantara Vichitra Records)

\\\\Exclusive 2hrs live act for the season\\\\



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HUTTI HEITA  (Yggdrasil Records  ,Norway)



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LOKE vs FREEFORM SYNDICATE (Yggdrasil Records )




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TERSIUS (Vantara Vichitra records, Moon Koradji Records)



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TROMO (Sonic Loom Music  ,Greece)

////Fisrt time in India////



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